Eastwood Metro Park

Are you riding with kids? Looking for a place with parking to begin a longer ride? Located within the city limits of Dayton, Eastwood MetroPark offers a variety of opportunities not just for biking, but also for water-based activities, playgrounds and is also a popular picnic place.

Both the Mad River and Creekside Trails pass through Eastwood MetroPark. Take shorter rides with kids, especially new riders, within the 437-acre park. For other family friendly rides, head to Riverscape MetroPark or the Air Force Museum and back on the paved Mad River Trail. Longer rides in all directions are possible from Eastwood. Check out our routeplanner to map your next biking adventure!

Things to know

Park entrances on Harshman Road just south of Route 4 and also on Springfield Street


Eastwood Metro Parks Score: 5.0

Monday-10:00-16:00 Tuesday-10:00-16:00 Wednesday-10:00-16:00 Thursday-10:00-16:00 Friday-10:00-16:00 Saturday-10:00-16:00 Sunday-10:00-16:00

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