City of Oakwood

Accessible from downtown by bicycle using dedicated bike lanes and eventually picking up the Dayton-Kettering Bike Trail by the University of Dayton, the city of Oakwood offers riders many opportunities. Whether riding leisurely through its quiet neighborhoods, on a ride to experience its architecture and history, the natural beauty of its parks and gardens or to enjoy a delicious treat you will notice why it's such a great place to live and visit.  See our list of recommended places below and then visit our route planner to map out your Oakwood adventure!

Recommended places to visit or include on your ride

Hawthorn Hill- Home of Orville Wright, his sister Katharine and father Milton post 1914 (Wilbur died before its completion). Originally set on 17-acres, its name comes from the many Hawthorn trees on the property. Information about tours available at Just want to ride by? You can find this neoclassical architectural beauty at 901 Harman Avenue on the west side of Oakwood.

Frankenstein's ( or the Witches)Tower - Known by many names, and at the center of many local urban legends, this stone look-out tower on the grounds of Hills & Dales MetroPark, offers intrigue, mystery and unanswered questions! Urban legends aside, this castle like tower overlooks the Community golf course on Patterson Boulevard. Built in the 1940s, from salvaged stone, the tower has been sealed up for safety reasons, but may still be explored from the outside. Whether or not you're a ghost hunter, it's worth a close look and provides a fantastic photo opportunity!

Patterson Monument- local businessman John Henry Patterson is memorialized with an impressive monument that looks out over the golf course. It is a short, exciting ride from Hills & Dales MetroPark and the Witches Tower. Perhaps most remembered as the founder of National Cash Register Company (NCR), Patterson also played a significant role in recovery efforts during the Great Dayton Flood including the development of the Miami Conservancy District, one of the first major flood control districts in the United States. Your legs will get a good workout, but keep pedaling ... it's a short climb and the view is fantastic! Yes, you should definitely take a selfie!

Smith Gardens- At the corner of Oakwood Avenue and Walnut Lane this tiny garden is a hidden treasure. Blanket concerts and story hour are held monthly during the summer. Open to the public year round, seven days a week!

Farmer's Market- Saturdays, June through October 17th

Central Perc- Downtown Oakwood, European style cafe with tea, homemade sandwiches and treats ... did we mention full afternoon tea 2 - 4PM daily??? It's the perfect spot to relax along the ride! It's also sort of romantic if you're needing that in your life :)

Dorothy Lane Market- This family owned and run gourmet grocery store, in the heart of downtown Oakwood, began as a fruit stand. Locally known as DLM, it is loved for its outstanding customer service, specialty foods and small town feel. Great for everything from a treat to a full, delicious meal!

Daffodils on Ridgeway in spring (April)- Private residence with over 75,000 daffodil bulbs that bloom each spring! It's totally okay to stop and take pictures, but please remember that this is someone's house :)


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