Woodman Fen

This 33-acre natural area contains a rare groundwater-fed wetland known as a fen. Fens contain thick deposits of peat and support many rare and usual plants. Restoration of the fen included planting over 100 types of native wetland plants. Due to its location, it's a spot you can easily miss unless you happen to see it on the MetroParks website or someone tells you about this little treasure. You will find the small park tucked away in a Belmont neighborhood near the Iron Horse Trail. Best observed using the boardwalk, check out the signs to learn more about the important points of interest and plants in this unique ecosystem.

The conservation area is accessible by bike from Iron Horse Trail. From downtown Dayton, bike Creekside Trail to Iron Horse Trail, then the last part of your ride is on streets through a residential area.  The fen is a perfect destination for a short ride from downtown Dayton or Eastwood Park. It is also an easy side trip as a way point when biking along the Iron Horse Trail. Your first visit is best navigated using GPS!

Visit all three conservation areas; Medlar, Dull Woods and Woodman Fen. 

Woodman Fens Score: 5.0

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